4K UHD South Africa is here

4K UHD South Africa is here. By 2020 all digital content most probably will be presented in the latest 4K resolution. By 2020, everything from television to movies, to streaming will be in this ultra high resolution. A recent survey of media executives showed that nearly two-thirds of the respondents said that 4K would be the new mainstream within the next five years.4k UHD South Africa

Truth about costs

Prices are high right now as this emerging technology is just fresh and hitting the market. Though as time goes on,the cost of 4K content will drop.As will the prices. South Africa finally catching up with the world of technology. With the latest step being that we’ve finally got the latest resolution for everything that has a screen . 4K UHD is now available to any and every South African. Especially for the tech geeks out there that really like to get a jump on all the latest things out there! 4K is the latest definition that is totally set to hit our technical world with a big blast. it’s already hit the TV’s and cameras in our diverse country up,and now we’re wondering what is it going to be next?

What is the point of 4K UHD?

HD forgotten about now as everything in the world of resolution now is all about 4K UHD. It’s only been a while since Ultra High Definition came about.But the world (including South Africa) can certainly forget that because 4K is now the bigger and badder beast in the game. So basically the point  here is that  4K UHD  South Africa is  here among us.To improve and better our visual experience making it more enjoyable. Like imagine what a blast of fun it would be to play a game on the PlayStation 4 with a 4K UHD TV!(http://4kreviewers.com/best-4k-tvs/) It’s a gaming experience I know I would love, not sure about everyone else out there but I think I can speak for all gamers when I say…Awesome! So here we are South Africa, moving forward in the world.

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