Apple TV 4K HDR coming soon?

Apple TV 4K

So whats all this about Apple TV 4K ??? Well as we know Apple TV is more expensive and lacks 4K Ultra HD capability when compared to its competitors such as Roku 4K and Amazon TV in the United States. However we are hearing whispers of Apple TV 4K could be released within this year.

since its still so early though, 4k capability is the only new feature on this new generation of Apple TV. However we hope that is not the case. Because even the fans want more and we just wish that Apple allows the team to add much more fun features. from the major streaming services we assumed Apple TV would be one of the first with 4k Ultra HD tech. We were left disappointed. But better late than never.

Apple TV 4K Rumors

Apparently Apple TV 4th generation sales have been dwindling. Well due to the competitors lower prices and 4k technology we can believe this. Now as per sources, apparently Apple TV 4K is busy been developed. This new 5th generation of Apple TV could also have HDR (high dynamic range). Now that is definitely something to look forward too. Especially for the die hard Apple fans out there of which there are many.

In a recent Bloomberg article they state: “people are familiar with the plans”. Further more they add: Code-named J105 the Apple TV 4K top box will be able to stream 4K video in “more vivid colors” with a high possibility of HDR.

Also the employment of former head of Amazon Fire TV Timothy Twerdhal further concretes our belief in this leaked information. Remember, Amazon’s Fire TV was one of the first to implement 4K technology. So with him at the helm of Apple TV 4K, we think its just great!

So lets patiently see whether the reveal will happen on the 5th June 2017 at the Apple WWDC (worldwide developers conference). I know I’m eagerly awaiting. So go ahead and share your thoughts on the Apple TV 4k possibility in the comments below.

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