Best 4K TVs

New technology for viewing is 4K TVs technology. Its four times sharper than FHD and delivers images and a viewing experience second to none. However before you go running to purchase a TV that’s merely 4K, check out this guide on the best 4K TVs. This guide has been created to help you decide and purchase the best 4K TVs available today. We will update the list as and when better products come to light.


Samsung KS9500 TV range


4K TVs
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Pros: Simply outstanding world leading HDR picture quality. The on-board sound is great too. Great sound quality.
Cons: Some back-lighting clouding on darker scenes. The curved screen isn’t for everyone. No 3D support.

Sizes: 65, 78, 88 INCH.

2016 the KS9500 range of Samsung 4K TVs had no rival. It produced the best quality pictures and brightness seeing to date. The use of quantum dot color tech together with a high end back-light system made for awesome brightness with great contrast and explosive colors. All of these advances in technology and uses of it makes for some of the most realistic viewing today. We didn’t like the fact that at times we see back-light clouding around brightly colored objects that takes up a portion of the screen. The Samsung Curved 4K SUHD TV completely redefines the viewing experience with the revolutionary Quantum Dot nano-crystal technology. The KS9500 features innovations that produce a remarkable High Dynamic Range picture experience, regardless of room-light interference.


LG OLEDB6 Range 4K TVs


4K TVs
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Pros: Sleek thin design. Picture quality has rich contrast. Affordable.
Cons: Color noise here and there. detail fuzzy in brighter areas. Sound could be better.

Sizes: 55 & 65 INCH

The LG OLEDB6 range of TVs come at an affordable price when compared to the LG OLEDE6 range. This is an attractive feature as this is still a great TV set, delivering beautiful colors, high contrasts and pixels. The gap in price comes from things such as build quality, design lowering audio performance and removing 3D capability. Sadly though the LG OLEDB6 range still suffers from loss of details in brighter scenes such as its siblings E6 range and such. But all in all we think this is great 4K TVs for the buyer on a budget. LG OLED TVs display a color palette that virtually matches the vast range of hues seen in today’s high-end digital cinemas. With over a billion rich colors at its disposal, LG OLED TV delivers a theater-quality experience at home.


Sony XBR55X930D 4K Ultra HD 3D Smart TV


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Pros: 3D capability. Great for gaming and watching sports. Android/Google interface.
Cons: Remote control could be better. Audio not great (sound bar needed).

Sizes: 55 & 65 INCH

The Sony is amazingly bright and has an incredibly slim design. A High Dynamic Range (HDR)-compatible TV will change the way you look at TV. Combined with 4K Ultra HD resolution, HDR video content delivers exceptional detail, color and contrast, with a far wider range of brightness than other video formats. Streamed a few netflix and amazon videos in 4K. It was truly unreal. This picture is amazing. It seems 3D even though its not in 3D mode. Its so crisp, bright, sharp, and any other word you could imagine to describe a truly amazing picture. I have a coral reef program on right now while I am writing this and it feels like I am sitting there in person! Find all the entertainment you can dream of, faster than ever. From movies and TV shows to thousands of apps, Sony’s Android TV brings you everything in an instant.Find all the entertainment you can dream of, faster than ever. From movies and TV shows to thousands of apps, Sony’s Android TV brings you everything in an instant.

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